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In Coffee We Trust Enamel Mug

Whether you are going for a roadtrip or enjoying a hot brew sitting around a bonfire in good company, the Enamel Mug is the perfect companion for you:

The robust enamel mug is ideal for any adventures as it is made of thick gauge steel coated with high gloss enamel.

The mug has a fill volume of 330 ml (11,15 oz) of cold or hot brew - that's up to you

Enamel as a protective coating, especially for kitchen utensils, dates back to the 19th century. The proven baked-on printing process keeps the imprint scratch-resistant and ensures color fastness and durability.

The mug features two graphic designs in gold and is made in Germany.


  • Fill volume: 330 ml (11,15 oz)

  • Baked on CSMD graphic designs

  • Graphics in gold

  • 100% baked enamelware

  • Steel rim

  • Thick gauge steel coated with high gloss enamel

  • Hand washing is recommended


Alex and Matze, Co-Founders of Concrete Surfers Motorcycle Dudes - CSMD


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