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Concrete Surfer of the week: Mia

This week we picked Mia aka @miaspeedmaid as Concrete Surfer of the week.

We met Mia for the first time back in 2019 for one of our first CSMD photo shootings. And it was a blast. You will always have the best time hanging around with her. Remembering a really fun evening with way to many Glühwein on the christmas market in Stuttgart. We need more evenings like that!

Looking forward to hopefully have some fun ride outs together this summer. Let the good times roll Mia.

Feel free to tag us with @concretesurfersmotorcycledudes or use #concretesurfersmotorcycledudes or simply send us your pic to join the party. #concretesurfersmotorcycledudes #csmdcrew


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