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Concrete Surfer of the week: Aleks

Like Jay Moriaty once said that "anyone who defines their life by their passion for surfing is by default a world traveler". We believe the same quote is true for motorcycle riders. For instance our Concrete Surfer pick of this week Aleks aka @monsieur.aleks travels the globe on the back of his BMW R 1150 GS. His beloved ride brought him up to Norway as well as all the way to Morocco.

We had the pleasure to meet Aleks back in 2019 on our ride out event where he showed up:

During the ride out we got suprised by rain and found a shelter along the road where we waited until the rain let up. To make the time more enjoyable and the get a bit warm on the inside, Aleks passed around his bottle of Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon and everyone got his sip.

We can tell, this guy has good taste and is great fun to hang around with - we can't wait to see what moto adventures Aleks has planned for 2021. We also hope that this year we will be able to hold the CSMD Ride Out again - and of course we hope that Aleks shows up again (with or without the Wild Turkey Bourbon).

Happy rides Aleks!

Follow Aleks journey on Instagram:

CSMD Ride Out 2019 Video:

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Alex & Matze - Co-Founders of Concrete Surfers Motorcycle Dudes


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