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Concrete Surfer of the week: Lanky

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Ilona aka @lankyrider is a modern modercycle nomad. She travels the world on her customized bike named "Moonshine" - a Suzuki Intruder 700. At the moment, lanky - who originally comes from holland - spends the winter in spain. Spain treads her well with some mild riding days throughout the winter months.

When Lanky isn't out riding on her Suzuki she makes stunning artwork & illustrations. Also in her graphic designs you can see her deep passion for motorcycles, roadtrips and a "Stay Wild & Live Free" attitude. Follow @lankyrider on her motorcycle trip and make sure you check out her beautiful artwork as well: @lankyartist. If you need something special for your workshop or a dope poster for your next event - she could be the perfect fit for you.

Happy rides Lanky!

Follow Lanky on Instagram:

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Alex & Matze - Co-Founders of Concrete Surfers Motorcycle Dudes


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