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Concrete Surfer of the Week: Maike

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

This week we pick Maike aka @miakeringel as Concrete Surfer of the week:

Maike is a 100% moto rebel who calls a Honda CB 250 and a Honda NX650 her own.

When Maike isn't out riding she is creating sick graphic designs and started her own brand @fck_sht. In the winter months you can find her up the mountains rocking the snowboard.

Few weeks ago we had the pleasure to meet Maike in Konstanz. It was one of that moments, when you meet someone for the first time and within the first minute it feels like you have been buddies forever. Maike took us to a local pub called Klimperkasten for a couple of drinks and the next day she guided us on a tour along the lakeside of Lake Constance.

Thank you Maike for the great time in Konstanz!

Feel free to tag us with @concretesurfersmotorcycledudes or use #concretesurfersmotorcycledudes or simply send us your pic to join the party.


Alex & Matze - Co-Founders of Concrete Surfers Motorcycle Dudes


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