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CSMD Pomade Strong Oud Wood

Updated: May 2, 2020

We're more than happy to announce our very first Pomade.

Since we - the CSMD Co-founders, Alex & Matze - are heavy pomade users, we wanted to create a unique one for CSMD that is a perfect fit to our style.

So we sat together with our buddy Henry aka Pompy's Pomade over a couple of beers and talked about composition, design and fragrance.

We came up with an idea of how the pomade should be like: giving the hair a firm to strong hold with a fresh wooden scent.

So we sent Henry on a mission to find and mix up the fragrance we were looking for. And we can say: he nailed it with the oud wood giving the pomade a unique warm & woody scent.

The pomade is manufactured with in Germany.


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