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Stay Fast Loop Scarves

Stay Fast & look good - that could be the slogan for our brand new loop scarves. It pretty much sums up the whole idea and inspiration that drove us when we started the design process for our very first loop scarves.

We wanted to create scarves that keep you warm while riding your beloved motorcycle and have an unique look that perfectly matches with a leather jacket, canvas or denim jacket.

Also off the bike when you're not riding the Stay Fast scarves keep your neck warm and are the perfect fit combined with your favorite garment.

Since we got a thing for classic designs like the checkerboard and stripes we had to kick it off with those two patterns.

The scarves are hand made with love in Germany.


  • Thin inner lining

  • CSMD logo print tab on side

  • Covers neck and/or mouth and nose (can be used as community mask as well)

  • Return to the original shape after stretching

  • One size fits all

  • Washing: 30°C

Stay Fast Loop Scarf Checkerboard:

Stay Fast Loop Scarf Stripes:


The Concete Surfers Motorcycle Dudes - CSMD


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