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Opinel Knife (Limited Edition)

As promised we made a limited edition of our favroite knive: the Opinel (size 7).

The blade of the Opinel knife size 7 is made of high-alloy carbon steel and is easy to resharpen (but it comes already sharp!). It can be locked in place in a flash by turning a safety ring (Virobloc system), which can also used to open a beer.

The handle is made of dried, long-stored hardwood. For our limited edition we put our hands on the knife: we sanded and stained the hardwood handle for a unique look & feel. We  burnt the CSMD letters into the wood. The knife also features now a leather leash to hang the knife on your keychain or belt.


The opinel is a very practical knife for everyday use.


Each knife is unique. The delivered knife differs in color and grain from the picture, because each piece of wood looks slightly different.

Opinel Knife

SKU: 0054
24,90 €Price
    • Opinel size: 7
    • Size: 10cm in legth (closed) / blade size: 7,8cm
    • Safety ring (Virobloc system)
    • Hardwood handle
    • Carbon steel blade
    • Leather leash
    • Limited edition
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